Macphun has just announced a bombshell for the whole photo editing community. The point is that a brand new photo editor app was released and is called “Luminar.” The new tool is already widely sought after by the users and a self-proclaimed “complete photo editing powerhouse” with the inbuilt tools that may be adjusted to your preferences and editing skill level, etc.

That’s quite specific since such smart technologies have never been applied to any PC editors or mobile apps. What’s more, the newly launched tool is a fully complected nondestructive RAW editor, designed with simplicity and creativity as cornerstones.

Macphun is best known for the powerful apps line that focuses on several more specific photography aspects: Snapheal for cloning, Aurora for HDR needs, monochrome work Tonality, and so on. So, the innovation introduced as Luminar breaks with this previous tradition.

Luminar can hardly be called the photo editor for accidental or intermediate users, a basic channel/preset accumulation for advanced users, or an intense photograph controller for amateurs —it’s all those things in a one.

photo editor

Anyway, what does the company say about it in own words: “Sporting a unique user interface that adapts to your needs and skills, tons of one-click presets for instant results and a vast number of image processing filters and tools, Luminar may be the last photo software you ever buy. It’s photo editing, reimagined for all of us.”

If you want to buy an app for yourself, you’ll be able to secure a copy in a couple of weeks for $50 if you’re a previous Macphun software user or to pay up $60 if you’re a brand new to the Macphun family.

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