Everyone wants to know how a home of average graphic designers may look like. Where do these creative people actually live? how do they decorate their apartments and so on? for the most curious people we have picked some information about successful graphic designers and their favorite dwellings, personally furnished or decorated.

Graphic designers’ home style

Everyone knows that people that use effective software for graphic designers are designers that develop graphical layouts and many other stuff. How do they organize the layouts for living in real? A guy who’s one of the top software for graphic designers users agreed to show us his apartment, rearranged and improved, the way the it should be with a person of a true creative profession. Let’s see how he described the work.

Previously, it was an ordinary two roomed flat: isolated rooms and a useless kitchen. This is my apartment, I’ve been living here for a long time. About two years ago, I made some repairs, and that’s what came out. I removed the wall between the kitchen and a bathroom to get more free space. All the technical part of the kitchen has been hidden, because this is rather a lining room. Of course, it is clear that there is a sink, stove, knives, but they do not catch the eye, you know. Refrigerator is also hidden so that it’s hard to find it for the guests for the first time. I do not need a large dining table, and that’s a lot of air and space: that’s what suits me. Here, about 40-50 persons can move freely during the parties.

I also removed the window frames and door balconies, instead of them, I made a contrasting concrete frame. It turned out that this space is now part of the room, but before that, some trash flocked there. I can hardly be called shaggy, but it always happens with the things and balconies.

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In my apartment, a mix of materials is used: concrete, metal, wood and natural slate. I got the brutal interior that is still diluted with lovely things. For example, the old family suitcases, which I personally restored a bit, are put into the living room. Suitcases demanded a small table. It was old, and I was going to throw it away, but then I worked on it, and worked out well. An ottoman on the balcony is also made with my own hands.

A console under the TV is made of concrete, it was poured at the stage of construction. It is very strong, and I did not have to choose another piece of furniture. The same story’s with a bedroom, where instead of the bed, there’s a podium. If I put a bed there, the room space would end. And now it has several levels, where you can walk freely or, have a sit on the windowsill, for example. I did not make any boxes under the podium: using them is still uncomfortable, and I have enough storage space, so…

I’ve created space and an interior that suits me perfectly and is exactly like me. I did not try to develop some tricks to apply on the customers with the help of best software for graphic designers or something like that. the customers are too different, so it wouldn’t be enough to invite them here and discuss solutions and the list of software for graphic design that can help their dreams come true.

As far as the interior design customers are concerned, they often want those interiors or interior sketches that none designer can actually afford. Or at least the interior I would never wanna live in, you know. However, I do not refuse to work with them because of that, and make any transformations for them in 3d gently, something comfortable and beautiful: logos, interior or exterior design, e-books, and so on.

It’s really the most important thing about the house: when you feel comfortable and miss it so much that are glad to come back home each time!
No wonder that people of creative professions live creatively. Now that you know where graphic designers live and how they arrange their homes for sure, you are able to pick some useful ideas for your home or the next graphic design sketch. Good luck!

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