18 coolest designers respond to the question: “How did they get their very first clients for picture proofing site?” There are quite unusual responses, but most of them are somehow related to having good friends and good picture proofing tools. Here they are:

1. Dainis Graveris – 1stwebdesigner

All my customers appeared thanks to my friends. They knew that I was doing good sites and using picture proofing software, so they promoted me in conversations with other people when they were looking for a web designer.


2. Danny Outlaw – Outlaw Design Blog

Most likely, I myself was the first customer. Instead of making bogus sites for Portfolio, I made some for myself as my first online project.

3. Aaron Irizarry – Solv

Because first I had to work in the music industry, I did the artwork for one group. Later, another group asked me to do the same for their website, etc.

4. Michael Martin – Pro Blog Design

I got my fist client due to the Sitepoint marketplace competition.


5. Matthew Jurmann – CHROMATIC

My first client was my very good friend. He was a real estate agent and asked me to make a website for him. Then he told to his friends and acquaintances about me. So, that’s how it all started.


6. Walter Apai – Webdesigner Depot

After a short design course, my instructor was so impressed with my progress, that he became my first employer.


7. Jan Cavan – Dawghouse Design Studio

I did not have a portfolio to show to the customers; I posted an ad on Craiglist that was a free site. Then the clients appeared. Now we collaborate via picture proofing website.


8. Andy Sowards – Andy Sowards

My first customer was the church where my wife and I used to get married. I was approached by a priest and asked to do a site for them. He knew what I was doing web design and used a great picture proofing app, etc. Now I understand that the picture proofing site was terrible, but I’ve gained a priceless experience.


9. Jon Phillips – Spyre Studios

At some point, all of my friends suddenly began to ask helping them with making the websites. And now I can not even remember who of them was the first.


10. Chris Spooner – SpoonGraphics

Back in school, I met a guy who had his own web design studio. I passed a good internship. And, perhaps, he was my first customer, because he paid up money for the work.


11. Matt Ward – Echo Enduring Media

My first customer was a close friend of our family. He needed a logo, and I made it. And then he began to recommend me to his friends.

12. Darren Hoyt – Darren Hoyt

I got my first client in 2001. I went to all the restaurants and invited them to make simple websites with menus and photos. Thanks to them, I received excellent recommendations and now work with picture proofing site.


13. Grace Smith – Grace Smith

I got my first client at a corporate event, where I was to make new contacts for the business.


14. Paul Andrew – Specky Boy Design Magazine

At first, I was doing free websites for the family and friends. This allowed me to significantly improve my skills. And only then I began to receive letters and phone calls with the work offers.


15. Jad Limcaco – Design Informer

I found my first client via Craiglist, where I placed my ad. The most interesting thing is that I still continue working with this client.

16. Zach Dunn – One Mighty Roar

My first client was a typical “family friend, who wanted to make a website.” Immediately after that, there was one from a portfolio site. And then I had to look for the second customer and so on.


17. Franz Jeitz – Fudge Graphics

For a while, I was free to do a site for friends and family doing free online picture proofing. Then I made a design for the CD cover. This work allowed me to find a client who paid me for the job.


18. Selene Bowlby – iDesign Studios

My first real customer was my colleague from a printed newspaper. And almost all of my customers at that time were my friends.


It’s obvious how important friendship is for expanding the business and improving design skills. Collaboration via proofing platforms and other work benches allow designers even more in the shortest possible time. you can read the top designer’s blogs from here.

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