Today, every second person in the world considers himself/herself to be a professional photographer. Is that really so? What about you? Are you a well educated picture taker? Don’t sure? Well, let’s check that out and see if you’re really good at what you do with the help of this easy quiz for photography connoisseurs.

Answer these questions from quiz about photography, score the number of correct answers in quiz about photography and see your photography knowledge level:

1. Who invented the first photo camera?

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2. Who developed the first original digital colored camera prototype?

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3. Whose picture in quiz on photography is that?

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4. Who made this picture?

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5. Who invented an exclusive photo montage technology: a few different backgrounds were recorded on a tape and then assembled into a single image by superimposing the two or more negatives?

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6. What photography genre is that?

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7. A technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole.

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8. What’s editing photographic imagery?

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9. What’s a lens accessory that allows the lens to be mounted to a tripod, sometimes also called a lens collar?

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10. What’s International Award in Photography, awarded for the greatest achievements and contribution in sphere of photography?

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Quiz about photography with answers ends up. You can look up for correct answers below and check if you’re a real photography practice and theory connoisseur from 1 to 10. Good luck!

The key to quiz questions photography:

Niépce Nicéphore Joseph 1.

Sasson Steve 2.

Newton Helmut 3.

himself Dali Salvador 4.

Robinson Peach Henry 5.

photography Fashion 6.

Collage 7.

Retouching 8.

Collar Tripod 9.

Photography in Award Foundation International The Hasselblad 10.