It often happens that a photo is well done, but the background is failed, and there’s no opportunity to make a second double. There may be some random people, and just ugly, spoiling the atmosphere of the photo strays there. In this situation, the best solution would be to remove the background from the image, remaining its major focus.

Many users consider the removal of the background from the pictures rather difficult and laborious. No wonder, it’s better to retake the picture rather than correct it or even try. In fact, it is not so difficult as it seems. You just need to get the right program. With the professional editor you can effortlessly cut the background image, and then use the resulting picture for any purpose: to create engaging banners, funny pictures, etc. The background removal may also be rather useful when creating a collage and advertisement images, etc.

It’s widely accepted that professional photographers often encounter the need to remove backgrounds from images online free. They mostly use Photoshop photo editor. But are there any different ways of doing that except to remove a background from images Photoshop? If you don’t like doing it with the professional photo editor like that, you can easily do it with Powerpoint. So, to learn how to remove the background on the photo by using alternative apps, just keep reading!

How to remove background from images in Powerpoint

So, in such applications as Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010, and Excel 2010, you can remove the image from the background and focus on a particular object. Or simply get rid of distracting details in such a way. Let’s take PowerPoint 2013, for example.

There are two ways:

  • Either you use the tool to remove the background,

  • or simply use the tool to set the transparent color.

The effect will be identical. The first way simply requires a little more setup and is suitable for a more complex drawing.

The second one is immediate, but it is better to use when it is necessary to remove a specific color, for example, the whole color background.

Method #1: a tool “to remove the background.”

  • Click on the image with your left mouse button.

  • Select the tab called “Format” on the top and press the first button “to remove the background.”

  • The background will be automatically removed from the drawing, beyond the chosen area. You can use the function of automatic background removal or draw the lines that determine which pattern areas should be maintained, and which ones – removed forever:

  • Move the area, so that the part you want to leave was exactly in it.

  • If some parts of the figure are still left, and they are unnecessary, you can always use the tools that allow you were marking the area for saving or remove. They are on top of the tab.

  • Once the parts of the picture you want to delete remained shaded in purple, press saves changes on the top tab.

  • As a result, the part you need remains.

The same pattern with the background removed:

IMPORTANT: The compression of pictures that may occur due to certain part remove and reduction of the file size leads to a change in the number of parts in the original picture. This means that after the compression your pattern may look different than before the compression. Therefore, before deleting the background from the picture you need to compress and save the file. If the result of the compression and the background removal is unsatisfactory, you can cancel the compression even after you save the file until the program in which compression is performed is not completed. Keep that in mind while using your remove background from image app.

Method #2: a tool “to set the transparent color.”

  • Click on the image with your left mouse button.

  • Select the tab called “Format” and click on the “color” button on the top.

  • Click on “set transparent color” from the drop-down list.

  • Simply click on the color in the picture, which you want to remove.

That’s how you can remove the background from images free software, namely using Powerpoint 2013 edition. Feel free to suggest your ways of doing the same easy and effectively.

Comment and share the info below. Good luck!