Probably 99% of all photos are now done with the help of smart phones.12 There are thousands of applications for processing digital images in the App Store. How do they differ from one another and whether to pay for their purchase? How are you going to find the best photo editing tools for your brand new iPhone 7 photographs? Of course, with the help of our photo edit checklist! Here you will find the freshest tools for the Apple devices 2016 edition and learn how to edit my photo free online editing. In this review, we have tried to collect the best photo editors for the new iPhone. And described the differences, advantages and unique features in the process of testing.

Here we go from one-touch filter applications to a more advanced and creative editing!

1. Snapseed

According to many Apple users and iPhone admirers, Snapseed is a favorite one among the other photo editors, designed for iPhone. Its advantage is the intuitive interface and ease of use. In general, this is exactly what a great application should be characterized by. Snapseed allows editing a photo just in a few seconds. You can even save your changes, and lay a few effects on top of photos if you think it’s necessary. And besides, the app has a good collection of filters. Of course, you can send all processed photos to various social networks and save it in your camera folder.

Snapseed reacts how to alter my photograph and utilize universally handy photograph altering for the assortment of picture rectifications and upgrades. With its help you will have the capacity to manage:

  • shading and honing alterations, exposure;

  • editing, turn, rectifying, perspective correction;

  • brushes, selective adjustments, healing tool;

  • filters, vignette, HDR, black and white, highly contrasting;

  • content and edges.

In light of current circumstances, this is one of the top applications for iPhone on the grounds that it offers the basic processing techniques, including color, exposure, sharpening, cropping, and straightening. It also offers a more advanced editing highlights: selective adjustments and a healing tool which enable removing unwanted objects and reminds that of a professional proofing solution.


VSCO (pronounced visco) still reminds one of the leading tools for photo processing on iPhone and is not going anywhere on a new phone editing either. This is an elegant filter with a great choice of various image adjustment tools such as:

  • lovely and unpretentious one-tap presets;

  • filter quality adjustable;

  • numerous preset, accessible to download;

  • picture change devices, shading, exposure and different improvements

  • camera and photograph platform, integrated.

You can adjust the strength of any filter you like to suit your individual taste. Needless to say about its popularity among the users for making Instagram photo installments. The current application also features some highly-effective adjustment and editing tools for fine-tuning any image. Besides, it’s free, as usual, to edit my photo online free remains as easy as before.

3. Pixlr Express

If I want to edit my photo online on my iPhone, I simply go to Pixlr Express. This is another powerful photo editor that helps you to find out how can I edit my photo online and achieve the desired results. You can add a blurring effect or, on the contrary, sharpen, reduce the noise, remove red-eye or whiten the teeth in two clicks, etc. When you achieve the desired effect, you can save the image in Camera Roll or share it via social networks.


4. Pixelmator

Probably another of photo editing apps, most famous for iPhone. Pixelmator is quite an Apple-style solution, and very much like the iPhoto, a great app when I want to edit my photo. However, it has no longer Apple support with the release of IOS 8.

Pixelmator can not only handle the photos, but also make collages, becoming a real mobile-photoshop. From the presentation in the AppStore, we can see how easily you can create a perfect image, but you will need to find (draw) suitable images for it. After editing some photos, you will receive a lot of positive emotions. The interface is simple and easy and has an impressive functionality to edit my photo free online with no problem.

So, now when I wanna edit my photo on my new edition iPhone, I will be able to do it with well-recognized and practical solutions that have been well introduced to the market and remain the leaders in edit my photo free online editing for mobile devices. You can also suggest more useful tools you got to use on your mobile Apple devices.

Welcome with your suggestions and comments!