Autumn has come, but the Pokemon Go fever is still on. Talented trainers keep training their favorite Pokemons and accept new challenges. Pokemon Go took over the streets of the cities all over the globe and caused stir among the photo amateurs too. Let’s view their miscellaneous Pokemon go art made with their digital cameras and acknowledge a new genre of hilarious and cute pictures.

Top Pokemon Go Photos This Month

Are you ready for the marvelous top Pokemon Go images hit parade? Let’s go, then!

1. Pikachu is a true favorite!

2. In the most unexpected place, as usual.

3. And this one too!

4. Watch out! It’s under your feet!

5. Look who’s on your way!

6. You’d better work it out!


7. No comment!


8. Shake off your shoulder!


9. Surprised to see it in a museum?

pokemon go art

10. What a lovely company, girls!


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