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Web browser version of ProofQuick

The browser version can be used easily by anyone, anywhere and is designed to provide online proofing tools to your end customer. Production toolsets are not available in this version, so no downloads or installations are required. Quick and easy approval access for your customers!

* To work with ProofQuick web browser version please install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. You can download it here.

ProofQuick powerful Desktop version (available for Mac OS, Windows)

The desktop version is designed for Approvers and Creative staff to optimize production within your current work environment. This includes tray notificaion, drag & drop opportunities and many other features powered by new Adobe toolsets. New tools to create new efficiencies and accelerate art production.

In order to install the desktop version, please:

  1. Go to Adobe's web site and download Adobe AIR.
  2. Download the latest version of ProofQuick, and install it.