1. ProofQuick was specifically designed for Yellow Page publishers. What does that mean?

ProofQuick was originally developed based on specific request and requirements of Yellow Page publishers. It was developed for a better managing control of the proofing process and for more efficient canvass close dates. While ProofQuick was originally designed for the Yellow Pages industry and provides a perfect fit, it now can support any business needing a cutting edge online proofing solution.

2. Can ProofQuick work for other industry groups beyond Yellow Pages?

Yes, ProofQuick is built to be broadly flexible and enables ‘state of the art’ functionality to support seamlessly ad agencies, newspapers and magazines publishers and any other media. Our team is continually working to develop our online proofing solution to keep it technologically up-to-dated. A wide variety of businesses are already using ProofQuick for both internal and external proofing.

3. What file formats does ProofQuick support?

With ProofQuick, you can issue proofs in the next formats: PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF and EPS. We can add a new format by your request.

4. Is it possible to track process and see the report of every proof issued?

Yes, you can see detailed up-to-dated reports on artists, approvers, ad types, creation dates, due dates and some others. You have easy access to any stats or filter required in multiple graphs and reports.

5. How many users can I have in my ProofQuick account?

ProofQuick can support an unlimited number of users in your account. ProofQuick has been developed to support either a small creative team of 20 customers or a large production facility of 20,000 customers. There is no limited quantity of users in any payment plan you choose.

6. What other hardware or software do I need?

ProofQuick is a web based solution which does not require any costly additional hardware or software.

7. What is the difference between the desktop and browser versions?

There is no difference in interface or functionality for your end customers. However, for your creative team ProofQuick was built with Adobe Air, in order to provide some additional features in the development process – desk tray notifications, files drag & drop function and  enhanced reporting. If your creative team don’t need these features, they can simply use the browser version.

8. What about security?

ProofQuick uses standard internet security encryption to insure safe media and your customers’ security. The level of security equals to the one, used for financial transactions throughout the web.

9. Where are my images and data stored?

All data and images are stored on our servers at a tier 1 hosting facility with daily backups and 24x7 support and monitoring. This provides you with a  stable, secure and safe environment at a low cost.

10. Where can I use ProofQuick?

Since ProofQuick is a secure web-based application, you can use its functionality anywhere in the world. Your creative team can work from home or at the other side of the world. Now you can find and keep the best talent and at the lowest cost, giving your team flexibility, competitive advantage and wider possibilities.

11. Not all of my clients want electronic proofs. Does ProofQuick support print proofs as well?

We know that some of your clients still prefer to get printed proofs for inspection. ProofQuick was designed to provide full reporting and tracking of the proofs printed and sent via postal mail. This makes ProofQuick your unique proofing solution which completely focuses  on proofing process, fully automating it.

12. What if I need a new specific feature or functionality?

ProofQuick is constantly being upgraded and refined. Our development team works every day to insure that ProofQuick represents the best online proofing solution requirements. If you require any new specific feature - just let us know and we will review your requirement.

13. Can I have a customized version of ProofQuick developed for my company’s specific use?

ProofQuick is a flexible system and already has the commonly required features. However, customization is available. We have already provided several very specific custom solutions based on our ProofQuick technology.

14. Is it difficult to setup and establish all of my customers within the ProofQuick system?

We realize that launching a new application can be complicated for large organizations with an extensive customer base. ProofQuick provides an opportunity to set up users on individual basis or by a bulk upload, making the process simple and seamless. ProofQuick provides detailed instruction and examples to simplify this process. Also, you can get acquinted with the user manuals provided on the website.

15. How to change my free trial account to a ProofQuick regular account?

At the end of your free trial period, you can address to our customer service department manager in order to select a proper payment plan and create a regular account for you. Send your regular account request on support@proofquick.com.

Key Benefits Include
  • Internet based – Use ProofQuick anytime and anywhere you have internet access.
  • Customizable emails and reminders – Emails for new proofs, reminders and revisions are sent.
  • Easy to use mark-up tools – Customers can add notes and markups for any needed change.
  • Full Reporting – See up-to-date reports on a proof status and time spent on proofing process.
  • Easy to archive – Keep your proofs with all customer notes, comments and approvals archived for future reference.
  • Costeffective – You only pay a small monthly subscription fee for proofs issued. Or we can come up with a flat fee according to your monthly usage.
Reasons to start using ProofQuick today
  • No additional software needed
  • No additional hardware needed
  • No time consuming training needed
  • No initial expense – Free for the first 15 days
  • Your entire company can begin using ProofQuick in less than an hour