The daily value of self-portraits cannot possibly be underestimated, especially nowadays. That is why we’ve reviewed and picked the top applications able to monitor the implementation of this daily value: making and processing self-portraits and other photos. So, what is the best selfie app? Let’s see some of them, their pluses and minuses and decide up on it.

Good Apps for Making a Selfie


Modern applications for making pictures and processing photos allow many useful things for inveterate selfie makers. This incredible application sets selfie making reminders and controls their accomplishment rate, etc.

For example, if you decide to do a selfie every morning at work, Picr selfie camera app will track your appearance in the office and remind about your presence at the desk, using a geo location. When you accumulate enough pictures, you can make a video or a collage with any music tune from your personal iTunes, etc., with the help of a built-in editor.


– – Universal reminders for making the selfie, as per time and your geo-location.

– Convenient double exposure for the portrait processing.

– The date, which can be edited, is added to each photo.

– When you create a video of pictures, you can use any song from your iTunes personal archives.


– It’s possible to save and export your masterpieces only in a Pro-version.

– There’s no iCloud in the app, but the developers promise to fix it.

– You can not make multiple images like with the iPhone standard camera. After each click, you need to confirm saving it.


Frontback offers to photograph what is happening on both sides of the phone. First, it solves one of the main problems of single travelers, who want to prove that they have personally climbed Mount Fuji or something else. Secondly, thanks to this system, you can always show a magnificent landscape to your friends and the reaction to it. Pictures from the front and standard cameras are added in meaningful diptychs.


– Excellent greetings during the sign-up process, available and beautifully introducing the new users.

– After the registration, you will be offered a pool of “class members” to subscribe. It is not clear who these people are, but thanks for the concern.

– If you are bored alone with own self-portraits, you can add friends from Facebook, Twitter or your address book.

– As with Instagram, you can forget about your own work and just look at the pictures of someone else.


Every day, looking in the mirror, you think that you will not change, ever. It’s been ten years, and you’re still the same: young and, most likely, will never grow old. Everyday easily destroys this illusion. With it, you can do the same selfie under the same angle every day. This will help you to fine-tune the camera enough for the eye line of the grid, nose and mouth. You can make a video of those pictures then.


– To make shots with different angles is now easier due to the ability to manually adjust the camera.

– Everyday has a function of double exposure that allows you to overlay the previous picture frames on the top.


– In contrast to the Frontback, you can not use the music, when creating the video.

– Everyday has a dull design that makes it look like a tomb for the dead life.

– There is no way to sort photos into folders and albums, to keep a diary of the changes of several people or objects, etc.


This application is free for both IOS and ANDROID.

The main feature of this non-traditional application is a destruction of photos that are shared with your friends a long time ago.


It’s free for IOS

What Samba allows you to do is not just self-portraits, but video auto portraits! By selecting an object from the list of friends, you can send a short video message – the recipient’s response will be written to the front camera and sent back to you immediately.


– The exchange of short video messages system perfectly recreates the atmosphere of a real dialogue and replaces any text interaction.

– All the messages sent are not permanently deleted, they can be reviewed at any time.

– Fortunately, sending messages can be canceled.


– Mandatory registration via the phone number is needed.

– The registration code delivery via SMS failures are possible. In that case, the application has the dial function.

Front Flash

Prepaid for IOS

The perfect app for night owls, which puts your selfie above all. If you want to make a noir self-portrait, and there are no candles at hand, the app will really do.


The absolute austerity, implying that only the buttons “Share” and “Delete” are available.


– No settings in the application. However, it is unlikely you will want any; there is nothing to be adjusted.


Free for IOS

This is a self-centered social network for the fans of self-portraits. Unlike most similar applications, Shots not only allow making them but also share them in the film, as well as have a look at the results of your creative friends. Most interesting is that, in contrast to Instagram, merciless moderators allow publishing of selfies only.


– You can find your friends from Twitter or Instagram.

– In addition to regular users, certain celebrities like Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg spend time there too: do not forget to add them to the list, there are a lot of interesting things.


– Unlike Instagram, here there is a clear shortage of effects and a simplified photo editor.

Now that you’re completely aware of the top selfie apps and software pluses and minuses for making it using them, it will be easier to choose the one that suits your perfectly, download selfie app and process your selfies top notch.

Welcome with your suggestions, do not forget to leave your comments and use the best photo processing from Proofquick!