Chinese Photoshop editors are masters and are the best at making people laugh rather than professional photo editing, which is simply obvious to both: photographers and customers. You can make sure of it after looking through the complication of the failure works made by photo editors in China on different customers requests, which are completely FUBAR and a real WTF stuff, impossible to take seriously. How could a man possibly stuff such things up remains a good question.


This is only a beginning.


You’ll be shocked how obnoxiously lovely Chinese photo editors may sometimes be, and how fucked up, at the same time too!


Social media has long been discussing the incredible creativity and the leap of imagination of Chinese photo editors.


Photo professionals from all over the world are jealous about how sought after and cheap the services of Chinese photo editing are. But they also realize that the quality of their work leave a lot to be desired and soften up immediately.


Meaningless and ruthless, the Chinese photo editor, undoubtedly turns your photo into a masterpiece, worth admiring and seeking by million users all over the world.


chicken 2

These real Photoshop editing pearls and many other things you can come across on the I-net, prove Chinese editors are real magicians. You will find numerous photos that can hardly be called professional editing work pieces, on the network, but can surely boost your mood for a long. Не laughs best who laughs last!

Welcome with your funny Photoshop editing pieces and failures, leave your comments below and seek for professional photo editing/proofing/retouching services only!