When digital cameras only began to appear on the market, photo editing process was completely entrusted to the home computers of the camera users. However, the need to change the final images occurred not so often to seek for some extra editing elsewhere. People didn’t think much about what to do with ready-made materials. How to proof my images?

But today, the story has changed: even our mobile devices have got quality cameras, many of which can compete even with some conventional camera devices, and the emergence and development of  active social media channels dictate the users the necessity to often share their media with friends, a good photo or graphic design are not an exception. The competition between developers is constantly increasing, and this has a positive effect on the results, which is received by the end user.

In this regard, the user often needs to find best web designer tools to quickly edit a picture, to immediately sent it to the final destination, either to the customer or the editor, a friend or someone else, no matter. The pictures for sale may need processing: it could be banal cropping or relatively serious processing using filters, adjustment layers, and other professional options. Also, the popularity of collages is growing, which perfectly fits into the social networks and other services that allow to sharing photographs.

ProofQuick is one of such editing/sharing/proofing/collaboration services that allows doing a lot of incredible things in design, photography, and advertising. In this article, we have tried to select the most deserving application’s advantages in the category of photo editing/ proofing/sharing on the Android and iOS platforms you can do with ProofQuick and with no Photoshop.

Similar to its programs are very different applications that can be useful in one case, but are useless in another. Therefore, instead of drawing up photo editors rating, it’s better to figure out the advantages of proofing services for design under different objectives and share the most interesting features.

tool for a graphic designer

Proof Your Work


Now most of the required operations with the photographs are possible to do with the help of your smart phones and free online proofing/editing services directly from the web. Designers may create photo collages quickly and easily and edit them same easily being a signed in member of a collaboration platform for proofing and workflow management.

If you need to quickly and with a minimal effort make a collage of photos, apply changes, and you do not want to spend a minute to study the complex professional application interface, then you are an ideal user for specialized programs to create photo changes out of Photoshop. They do not have heavy built-in advanced editors and are aimed at a simple and quick creation of proofs as well as limitless communication with the colleagues whenever you are.

This category of graphic designer tools also contain instruments for the broadest functionality. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that we consider applications for web use and PCs, rather than mobile devices so that a full-fledged editing can be achieved only in your web-based workplace.

For work on your favorite smart phone, iPad, or any other mobile device it is more important to proof my images with ease and speed, rather than the ability to professionally handle images. That is why designers may count on mobility and easiness of ProofQuick if they need approves to be done via Apple or mobile devices on Android.

How To Choose Best Tool For a Graphic Designer


Before choosing any tool for a graphic designer or other editing applications, the general features that are valid for each program available should be carefully reviewed. Mind that:

  1. First, all programs have some standard image processing parameters: cropping, application of filters, frames, stickers, themes, comments, etc. Next, take only those features that you find useful and exciting in a particular case.
  2. Secondly, it should be said that all of such programs are shareware, and if you’re not a fan of photo editing, you do not need to spend money to perform basic operations. However, if you want to get the full functionality and approach to editing and proofing more deeply, then it’s better to appeal to the safe paid versions.
  3. Any functional editor’ menu appears to be necessary and sufficient to create high-quality photo collage, storyboard or other complex design “with a twist.” Besides, there are frames, stickers,  rounding the corners of photos, and so on. With the variety of customized settings, which can be regulated by a user, it is effective to achieve the desirable effect (the thickness of the inner frame and the distance to the outside,  apply filters, add emoticons to collage or text, etc.).
  4. You will always know how to do a proof because the best services are completely adjusted even for the newcomers.
  5. Top programs have some unique features. You should find them among the other photo editors. For example, the creation of the PDF file of the images and the ability to capture them from web pages through the built-in browser. The most interesting feature, however, is the possibility of batch image processing. The required amount of files can be selected using a built-in file manager and certain processing tools applied to all at once so that you can save your time and efforts on work twice. Perhaps, this feature can significantly facilitate monotonous image processing when necessary.

how to do a proof

In the end, always keep in mind that it is difficult to draw any conclusions about the best Apple or Android apps if you do not process photo regularly. Most of the tools have their original ideas that will appeal to each user reasonable. Once you gain some experience, you will be able to pick the best one personally for you, either free or a paid one. You will also find out that there is also a range of designing things impossible to do without ProofQuick.

Feel free to comment and share, welcome with your suggestions here!