Photography as both a hobby and profession has become available to anyone who has a camera and desire to shoot. It’s unlikely to find a person who has never made pictures, ever. However, to press a button and get a beautiful picture is not enough within a modern age photography industry. There should be something else. Wanna find out what’s that? The list of the most influential client proofing pro photo blogs worth reading is at your disposal.

This selection will help you to improve the photographing process at all its stages, from the search of the subject and selection of a successful angle before the publication of the finished image to its publishing, or even search for a potential buyer, etc.

Read about best photos for inspiration

Photographers always are interested in client proofing photography, editing and other photo processing tools, photography theories and concepts, innovations and photography classics, etc. Many popular sites have special sections, which publish articles and pictures of professionals from all corners of the world:


1. National Geographic Photography is well known for the most stunning and controversial wildlife images.

2. BBC News In Pictures is the greatest photography client proofing gallery with very high-quality shots, though a little conservative. No wonder, they’re classics of news photography.

3. Great Photojournalism is a web resource and a community of professional photojournalists where they put their work.

4. File Magazine is an extraordinary magazine, with the most challenging shots to look through.

5. MagnumPhotos represents the work of professional photographers of Magnum.

6. Gallery Royal Photography Society represents the British photographer’s community.

7. Phase is a special project magazine full of conceptual and simply very interesting photographers from different continents.

8. FlakPhoto is a collection photo projects and individual images.

9. Unsplash is a truly refined photo gallery of high-resolution quality photos.

10. 500px is a commonly known photo website.

11. Pinterest is the one everyone knows or at least heard of. Rather chaotic, but if you’re lucky with the filter, it may be helpful.

12. Inspirationgrid is a huge high-quality collection of photos on a variety of topics.

13. PlanetPics gathers photos pf the most beautiful places on the Earth.

14. Weatherscapes is an extremely original site with amazing weather photos.


Search for educational materials

The lessons, ideas, tips, concepts, photography client proofing template in any field, information about professional photographers and much more must be found to anyone who is willing to learn photography. Here are some useful resources for both theoretical and practical knowledge:

15. Tips of Digital Camera World.

16. 10 lessons in photography from Jodie Coston, a freelance photographer, at MorgueFile Classroom.

17. Photonet learning is a section with categorized lessons, one of the largest in English.

18. Kottke blog

Designer Jason Kottke is a real pioneer, a “first wave” photography blogger. Kottke is one of the old school bloggers. His blog is a collection of links to the useful websites and articles. His favorite themes are movies, sciences, graphic design, and sports. Avoids politics.

19. The Sartorialist

The author of this wonder source for photographers is Scott Schuman, a photographer. Here different photographs from various places are gathered in one place on the blog. 15 years of experience in the high fashion industry makes them exquisite. The blog has about 70 000 visitors per day. The Times included it in the list of Top 100 Most Influential Blog in Design.

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Publish in your blog

Some resources provide an opportunity to publish your photos and share with the public via photography client proofing system or collaboration platforms. Paid resources often allow you to create and present a portfolio to attract the viewers easily and quickly. But free sites should not be neglected.

20. Facebook

A photo album on Facebook – why not? There is no limit to the number; privacy settings are very flexible, etc.

21.Travel Photo Sharing – online gallery, also focused on the sort photos by location shooting.

22 . Picasa from Google – a simple sync and organize into albums. Another option from Google – Panoramio – allows for GPS-coordinates of the photograph

23. DeviantArt – a huge multidisciplinary community in which photos allotted a large section with lots of subcategories.

24. Polaroid BlipPhoto – the interesting community whose members publish one photo per day.

25. SmugMug is focused on the beauty of the presentation of photos and offers two weeks of free use.

26. Exposure – an excellent resource to tell your photo story.

27. Photoshelter – one of the most popular platforms to create an online portfolio.

28. PhlioHD – a resource that has a free version of a photo of accommodation, however, the amount of no more than 36 pieces.

29. Carbonmade – a very nice resource for the publication of its portfolio with a limited number of free photos.

30. Flickr – can be combined into groups to exchange views on the forums.


Publish to compete

Photos can be sent anywhere, either professional or amateur, shared, stored or submitted to the framework of competitions. You can pick any directory from the best selection of the best available on our website competition blogs with a wider photography client proofing software audience.

31. PhotoContestInsider is an overview of current photo contests.

32. Your Photo on BBC. Every week the BBC experts suggest themes for the new photos, the best of which are published on Thursdays on the In Pictures page.

33. Earth Shots is looking for pictures that show the beauty and diversity of our planet.

34. ViewBug represents weekly photo contests under the direction of world-renowned photographers and brands.


SellĀ in photography client proofing gallery

To compensate the purchase of expensive photography equipment is difficult, that is why many modern photographers sell their pictures online. You can learn how to sell pictures at photo stocks too!

35. iStockphoto is a big and glamorous stock for higher profits. – articles for beginners to sell their photos.

36. Shutterstock is the most famous one, fast and convenient for loading large volumes of material.

37. Depositphotos is a convenient and intuitive, simple and understandable stock everyone can use. One of the most popular.

38. BigStockPhoto is not very big, but quite comfortable.

39. Dreamstime with easy registration.


Store in Photo clouds

And finally not to worry and regret about the lost photos, store them in clouds or personal photo galleries.

  • Dropbox – 2GB free

  • OneDrive – 15 GB free,

  • iCloud – 5 GB free,

  • Google – 15 GB free, etc.

So, now you’ve got about 35 or even more professional blogs and websites to improve your photography career or learn more and become not less successful and influential in your industry.

Go ahead if you have anything to suggest, and feel free to comment!