Annually, the relationships between the technology, media, and the customers or their clients are getting more intense. The behavior and habits of the audience are changing dramatically, and the rise of new tools becomes a necessity for many either new or pioneering online software solutions. We have identified the main trends that, in our opinion, will affect the new media relations in 2016 and released rich proofing solutions to ProofQuick accordingly. Until today, the users have been able to enjoy fast and understandable proofing. Further on they will be able to enjoy more freedom from e-mail attachments, improved notification system, updated client proofing app and much more.

The top quality client proofing tool should be able to provide transition audience messengers that won’t take a long time to reach out the potential client or a colleague for a feedback. According to eMarketer, a market research firm, the followers of the messengers can easily reach a figure of 1.4 billion people by the end of 2016. That means that this is three-quarters of all smartphone users. In 2015 the growth was 31.6% which was an amazing dynamics. In 2018, however, up to 2 billion people (80% of all smartphone owners) will be using mobile messengers of different types. This tendency shows the importance of new mobile technologies and the transition of existing web-based tools into the mobile version, which ProofQuick successfully does. Ability to work on both iOS and Android mobile devices limitless is one of the company’s advantages.

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Messengers and collaboration platforms are becoming the “new social networks.” People stay connected, play their games, share and watch videos, interact with brands, order food, taxis, flight tickets and give each other gifts. And, of course, read and share news, ideas and concept, etc. Modern client proofing software should be targeted at satisfying these needs first of all. How? Of course, by releasing rich solutions timely.

Another tendency is that more and more corporate people around the world do not want to spread their public positions on public display, and prefer to share their inside information with different groups of their friends, acquaintances, colleagues and associates at the same time safely. That’s where collaboration platforms come in vanguard of online workflow management and co-working online. Thanks to push-notifications, interaction with these applications often occur to be even more rapid and safe than with social networks. No wonder. Professional tools have always been more adjusted to b2c or b2b business and communication models, as well as more protected and well supported.

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So, if online client proofing with no attachment to correspondence is what you need for a fruitful cooperation online with your clients or colleagues in the sphere of photography, design or advertising, ProofQuick’s what’s needed. It’s the best client proofing software which has a range of advantages in comparison with other services standing by and many unique features that keep improving, and the new solutions regularly released.

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