Nowadays, collaboration software is extremely popular for either individual or corporate use of small and big businesses for designers, photographers, advertisers and many other. Collaboration software market size is much sought after by people of certain professions; it’s common. There are some collaboration platforms that free them from being attached to sending messages manually and have been of a special interest lately worth your attention too:


This is a tool that’s created specifically for designers. It is a mobile and web-based app that may turn any of your graphics or designs into completely active collaborative prototypes with gestures, various transitions, and animations, etc. Clients can easily give feedback in the form of different comments about designs or photos. Each participant can keep them up dated with the progress of the project in real time using workable to-do lists. Preparing for the initial project is free, but some more things to do will cost you about $15/month. Collaboration software market share has never been so easy and truly effective.


This is another web-based collaboration platform for professional photographers, designers, and advertisers who are interested in a more professional management of their staff. It serves as traditional online gallery, but in fact, it’s even more, because it is a collaboration software that frees business form email attachments and has an automatic notification system that warns the users of each new move. It allows editing and proofing photos or any other graphics directly inside your poof-board, creating projects and keeping in touch with its participants using instant e-mail notifications. It’s free for the first 15 days of use and is fully functional.



Skarpline is another cooperation program that enhances effectiveness by dispensing with document connections at work. Presently clients can compose messages specifically on documents. The platform additionally extends this idea to connections and combinations. Correspondence now happens straightforwardly on “work”, making sharing and forming much simpler. It reconsiders joint group effort, making it more instinctive and easy to use. Rather than getting disorderly individual messages, clients concentrate on truly vital activities. All correspondence is found in one spot. The Skarpline instrument thinks like people think, making it a great deal more powerful. Numerous organizations endeavor to settle this with other correspondence applications.


Trello is a project management tool and acts as a magical customizable to-do list and all that in a single interface. You can share your lists with other participants in real-time limitless. Being based on the system of post-it notes which are essentially called ‘cards,’ the users can categorize and order photos, text, mock-ups, drawings and whichever way they want. You can keep an eye on the project’s pipeline, trace your progress as there’s also an effective progress meter. The option of setting appointment reminders is available to everyone. What’s the most brilliant is it’s completely free?


Collaboration software market growth caused appearance of the so-called social networks for business. Yammer is one of such. Yammer is a platform that provides users with the communication and allows to privately collaborate with your colleagues. Different employees sign in with the help of a company email and freely use the platform through a web, via their favorite mobile device desktops or mobile phones to chat either in the group or individually. They can share their documents or even like the colleagues’ status if they wish so. Having already about 7 million users makes Yammer one of the most widely used network tools for enterprises in different spheres. Now owned by Microsoft, it can be easily integrated with SharePoint.


This is another free tool that allows people mark annotations and place their comments to any project part. In this way, designers or the clients can easily collaborate and revise the projects online without writing and sending those annoying and painful emails which increase the productivity of both ultimately. Rectangular, Elliptical, and lasso selections of annotation forms are at their disposal. Such functions are very primitive and rather useful and are as easy to apply as it is. GoVisually exposes the layers for each user when there are multiple members of the team on the same page, which is much like during the work in Photoshop. Revisions are easily uploaded and are simple to pass over from one to another document or project versions.


Mural allows to make and manage remote design work effectively. This is a creation tool that allows drag-n-dropping links, rich media files, and other documents onto a huge HTML5 creating the board. It is more likely to gather the collective inspiration and collect useful for your design thoughts. With its help, you can also support the remote designer’s collaboration and brainstorm cool ideas. Which’s more, it is well designed and optimized for iPad users and is made gesture-friendly. Mural is not just a pin board like Pinterest; it is more likely to be a dashboard gathering and organizing ideas. It’s possible to join you and edit the material, collaborate, share, make changes and watch corrections in real-time. Each user can send an e-mail invitation, set up the password to the board and start working immediately. Tools based on the web are extremely lighter than those that are more traditional brainstorming tools. In the case, you are newborn to collaboration software market forecast, collaborative brainstorming with Mural then could be a perfect place to start out.

Concept Inbox

This tool describes itself as the simplest way for designers, designing teams and their clients to co-work. Concept inbox platform offers straightforward dashboard where people can load photos, get feedback on them, add and make revisions from the clients and have the full version control and the work flow management. Concept Inbox also allows people to create interactive prototypes. As soon as you have some useful brilliant idea for your project and want to discuss how it would be to work it out, you can do that via the app.

Among other collaboration software market leaders, there’s also Cage, Draftboard, Marqueed and other useful and understandable applications that free businesses from e-mail attachments or necessity of sending the painful notification. All platforms mentioned above allow saving time on notifications, communication coordination, and management in the most efficient way.

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