People are seeking for online collaboration software free to use on their favorite mobile devices whenever they are, without much distraction from their business. One of their most favorite things is Apple technologies: i phones, tablets and so on. People engaged in design development and collaboration choose ProofQuick as one of the best-suited tools ideal for iOS and the devices running on it, accordingly.

A recent survey, conducted among the advertisers, graphic designers and professional photographers that comprise the core of the target audience using online proofing software, has shown an extremely high interest in ProofQuick as a perfect editing/ proofing and collaboration platform for iOS on a professional basis.

What makes ProofQuick so much sought after among the users?

The steadily growing interest of the users to the product is caused by a range of distinct advantages in comparison with other collaboration platforms that already exist on the I-net on either free or a prepaid basis. Here are some of them:

  • fast speed,

  • unlimited and free loads,

  • unlimited free users,

  • no extra soft needed,

  • no extra hardware needed,

  • a 15-day free trial,

  • fully functional,

  • both browser and mobile versions supported,

  • no extra skill and knowledge needed,

  • corporate services,

  • instant communication,

  • e-mail notifications,

  • settings customizing,

  • infinite work flow history,

  • integrated,

  • easy to store and archive,

  • account restore allowed, etc.

With the help of ProofQuick, any graphic materials or other documentation can be easily loaded from Microsoft, Mac or your favorite mobile devices on either Android or iOS which can be one of the best and most comfortable among others. This free app not only allows you to proof the documents in most common formats like PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG, and EPS, but also make presentations and use your proof board for instant communication with the colleagues, and automatically aligns them. Therefore, under whatever the angle that you may have removed the document, it will still be displayed perfectly, edited and approved or whatever is needed.

The users can upload their documents to iCloud Drive, fill out forms and automatically save the changes, get the notification with each change made and receive the docs in the initial format with no deterioration or compression, etc. The app does not promote the Adobe services, but rather offers a lightweight version of the worldwide known bets photo editor for the maximum use to the customers. That is why to use it both for b2c and b2b purposes is quite pleasant and easy even from the user’s mobile devices.


To create dynamic photo or design proofs has become easier than ever with ProofQuick which undoubtedly could not simply stay unnoticed by the users from all over the globe. Another feature that makes them attracted is multipurpose and of course, possibility to work from any corner of the world without leaving the workbench under a condition of troubles proof Internet access. Drag and drop photos or graphic design pieces in any order. Quickly and merely cut, crop, change color, adjust the exposure and even more to make your work flawless. The professional and democratic manner of collaboration that ProofQuick offers manages and well motivates designers who are used to deadline violation or constant procrastination, etc. Real time communication function allows you to keep in touch with all the work flow participants and reaching understanding immediately during a dialogue.

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